What is lockpicking?

What is lockpicking?

Lockpicking is the art of being able to open a lock using other tools than the key. Without damaging the lock. We find that people are generally curious to how lock picking works. Perhaps you’ve given it a go yourself. You might have also been successful with your suitcase lock or your padlock. We would like to give you a little bit more information here. And if you have questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our lovely team at any hour. Trained professionals and personal Birmingham locksmith service from a local and friendly practice.

what is lockpickingIn the average door lock there are pins which need to be lifted at the height that the key which you have states. When they are in line it allows the key to turn and the lock to open. If you are void of a key and would like to pick the lock. Then use a lock picking tool kit. The flat elongated tools fits into the slim opening in for the key. Getting the pins to line up takes plenty of practice. Not only that it takes the right tool for the specific lock. High security door locks and what door material you pick makes a difference.

Although picked locks do occur in conjunction with criminal activity. It’s rare these days to see a burgled house where the lock was picked. Lockpicking today is more a skill for professionals and for hobbyists. If you are considering becoming a lockpicking hobbyist, ensure that you keep in mind to always only pick locks that are your own or that you have been given permission by the owner to pick. We also highly recommend that you don’t pick the locks in use at home or at work. As it can damage the locking mechanism. And thereby leaving it vulnerable to attack. And potentially invalidating any insurance policy that you may be paying premium for.

Is lockpicking something I can learn?

As you have caught on film or on television. Lockpicking is a means of gaining entry to mechanicals locks though using other tools than the key intended for the lock to open it. Lockpicking is a skill that you can learn. Or we shall say, it’s several skills you can learn.

Each type of lock comes with a different set of ideal techniques to bypass it. Learning how to pick a padlock is different to learning how to pick a door lock. Learning how to pick a cylinder lock is different to learning how to pick a deadbolt mortice lock. And so on. The skill that you attain in learning one, may help you with learning the other. But essentially, you have to learn how to pick each lock type, one at a time.

There are several hobby lockpicking groups around. Look for a local group or course to join. Or contact your lock picking specialist today to find out where to go.

Before you start, please consider.

Is lockpicking legal in the UK?

Is lockpicking legal in the UKIf you are interested in finding out more about lockpicking and the sport that it is. Please keep following our blog. For the crew here, it’s a most interesting topic and we’ll spend time in the future sharing what is going on in the world of lockpicking.

One of the most asked questions in within the sport. Or by people who doesn’t have a special interest. Is the one posted above. Is it legal? In short. Yes, it’s legal, as long as you don’t pick anyone else’s lock. You have to own what you pick, or have the permission of the owner. Advisable is also never to pick a lock that is in use for something.

That is to say, that you should not practice lock picking on your home doors and window locks. Lockpicking can damage the lock if not done with precision. And it’s simply not worth the risk of destroying a lock which is installed and is being utilized.

Is there a store I can visit?

Is there a store I can visit?

If you are searching for a retailer who sells lock products. Or if you are after a chance to look deeper into different models of locks and security systems. You wonder. Is there a store I can visit somewhere. What about the Birmingham Locksmiths?

Truth to be told. There are many retailers and hardware shops that stock and sell different types of locks, safe and security products and high security doors. However, in these shops there is often a limited selection compared to making a decision about your security products choice with your local professional.

In a store there is also a limited ability to test and get a good understanding of why one lock is better for a situation than another. No doubt, it can be confusing and taxing to go to a store. Especially if your own expertise is not within that area.

You can easily call the lovely smiths in our team to discuss your security any time. We are happy to help with everything from security checks to installations.

an online store can provide good security inspirationYou can of course also choose to visit an online store. Here you will have the freedom to browse in your own time. The benefit with having a look online, if you have the spare time. Is that you get a great idea of what is out there. Don’t feel confused by the number of products available. Instead, get in touch with an expert before making your choice and purchase.

Security, especially the one time costs, such as alarm installations. Is best done by someone who has experience and who can help you pick the right system for you. If you don’t know anything about locks, and would like to feel and be secure. A competitively priced service will be your best option. Our operators are available at any hour. Feel free to give us a call now.

When should I get new locks for my home

Regular security checks and inspections are always to be recommended by security industry professionals. This is due to the light they shed on the security situation of the property that is being inspected. There are a countless number of factors involved with any home security situation. Often even more for work situations. To keep on top of your security. To keep aware. Is to keep yourself safe from disaster.

There are specific times where extra thought to security is a great idea. The first being when you move home. You’ll be shocked to know that almost half new home owners never change the locks on their new property. Thus leaving it open to threat and compromising the security of the home.

When is it time for new locks for my homeIt’s important, not only for your safety and security. And for the safekeeping of your valuable belongings. But also due to insurance reasons. If you do not know where all the keys are which grants access to your building. Or if the home alarm has not been reset, still using the same codes and keys as previous. You can run into large issues.

Best is to get into contact with a reliable security specialist and pick an lockpicking resistant type of lock. A local security provider who is known for their high security solutions and affordable prices. Our crew is ready for your call at any time. Feel free to discuss the security of your newly acquired building with us at your closest convenience.

Other times where it’s important to get new locks installed at home is after a break in attempt. To keep in line with your insurance policy. Or when the lock is starting to show signs of wear and tear. Rendering it susceptible to breakdown and possibly getting stuck. Feel free to call us now for the help with new lock installations that you need.

Locksmith Solihull

Locksmiths Solihull

Locksmiths Solihull ServiceLooking for a reliable and fast Locksmiths Solihull. We can provide the fastest service with the highest levels of Locksmiths Solihill expertise. Cheapest quotes and the fastest response:

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You probably want a reliable and trusted Solihull Locksmith who will attend your property as fast as possible and offer the best quotes for the work . You’ll also want a Solihull Locksmith who has years of experience and uses the latest techniques that cause the least damage to your property.

A Solihull Locksmith who gains access in minutes and rarely will need to pass one hour on a simple lock out situation. If all of these statements are true then you are on the right page. Birmingham Locksmiths offer all of the above with fantastic customer service and a smile. Peter Phillips is the Locksmiths Solihull you’re looking for!

Locksmiths in Solihull

Locksmith Solihull Customer Care

At Locksmith Solihull we take only the best care of our customers. We understand that our customers are people, individuals, with full busy lives and busy schedules. Which is why Locksmith Solihull aim to make sure that anyone who comes to us with a question or query of any type are met with a friendly understanding and human attitude. Of course the team here at Locksmith Solihull come with the highest training and expertise, but it’s training alone is not what makes a good service, taking each customer into account, looking at their situation and their specific need is something Locksmith Solihull take pride in doing. We provide a full service, not only in terms of the technicality and installation of the latest and best products on the security market, but we take care of our customers on a personal and individual level. Locksmith Solihull takes into account that every situation is different, and no matter the service you are in need of we will make sure that you are safe, sound and satisfied at the end of your experience with us.
So if there is anything at all that you are looking to seek advice on, looking to install, or upgrade please get in touch with us. Locksmith Solihull can advice you with regards to any type of query you might have on locks, key cutting or security in general, regardless if you are a private or a commercial customer. So if there is anything at all you need, please get in touch today!

First Choice Locksmith in Solihull

Peter Phillips has many years of experience in the Birmingham area and there’s not a single lock or key problem that can’t be solved. If you want a true professional at the right price then call now.

Choosing a Locksmith in Solihull is not always easy, especially at the last moment so you know you’re in safe hands when dealing with a Solihull Locksmith who has years of experience and years of happy customers who will all too happily recommend.

Don’t take a chance and go with the unknown. Go with a Solihull Locksmith who has a solid reputation and hundreds of happy customers.


A Local Solihull Locksmith

Emergency Locksmiths SolihullWhen you’re looking for a local Solihull Locksmith you will want a genuine local locksmith who knows the area and works as an independent so there’s no middle man to pay and the savings can be passed on to you.

That is why calling us will take you straight to Peter Phillips, your local Solihull locksmith. No VAT to pay. Small local business. First class results. If this is what you’re looking for then get in contact now.

UPVC doors by Locksmiths Solihull

One of our specialties at as professional Locksmiths Solihull is the repair and replacement of all aspects of UPVC doors and windows. So much cheaper to do a quality repair we find that many Locksmiths Solihull customers contact us to carry out routine and emergency repairs. We can repair and replace any aspect of doors and windows and as experienced Locksmiths Solihull we carry  many replacement parts and mechanisms so the job can be carried out in no time at all. Make sure you contact us as your first choice Locksmiths Solihull for all UPVC work. Free quotes happily provided.

Locksmiths Smethwick

We are now expanding their excellent services to Locksmiths Smethwick. Our energetic, professional service provides efficient and skilled services all across Birmingham and Smethwick. We can provide all locksmithing services, including security services, at short notice with our call-out hotline. Our professional teams are mobile and accessible 24 hours a day; so that in the even of lost keys or damaged locks, no matter when you are locked out we can restore access to your homes, offices and vehicles.
Locksmiths Smethwick also specialises in lock replacements and security installations. We can install whole new security systems, providing the best in safety for you and your loved ones, or your business.
Locksmiths Smethwick are available across the area for all kind of contracts or projects; including the construction of new commercial buildings, Locksmiths Smethwick can install the security systems and locks for large projects such as these.
Locksmiths Smethwick are available to contact over the phone on our 24 hour emergency locksmith service number, or at our central office. Never let loosing or breaking your keys ruin your day, Locksmiths Smethwick can restore your access within an hour, letting your day get back to normal. Furthermore Locksmiths Smethwick will operate with great respect to your property, ensuring as little damage as possible is caused while restoring access to your property.
Locksmiths Smethwick’s expansion means that our experienced, capable teams are now available across a wider area, across the whole of Birmingham. Fast and efficient call out teams can replace, repair and install new locks, bolts, bars and shutters, as well as security chains and larger security systems such as house alarms and CCTV systems. Never again doubt the security of your property and loved ones.
Locksmiths Smethwick can fit security systems for all kinds of commercial ventures, including shops, car parks, hospitals and factories. Don’t let your security system let your business down! With Locksmiths Smethwick you can be assured of the quality of your system.

10% discount

We are pleased to announce a discounted rate on all services carried out in the month of December by this cheap locksmith Birmingham. With the festive season now upon us, our 10% discount will be certain to save you a bit of Christmas spending money. This no strings attached offer is a time-limited one, so get in contact with our team this month to ensure you get the best deal in town. The discount applies to the full range of services offered by us, including our emergency call-out service. Incidentally, the emergency call-out service is this year running for the full month of December inclusive of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

 selly oak accessWe appreciate that all our clients are looking for the best possible deal, so that is why we run offers such as this current one for 10% off all services. Whether you are a new customer or have used us before, there is no need to show any voucher or discount code as we simply deduct the 10% from your final bill. Our service team always look to get your security issues sorted as soon as possible and have an extensive knowledge of all major UK lock brands. We also work with vehicle locking and CCTV, having most recently installed cameras at a number of student properties in the Selly Oak area.

So whether you are a landlord letting properties, a commercial businessperson or a residential homeowner, don’t delay in contacting us this December for a fantastic 10% discount on all services. No job is too big or small and we can always be counted on for top quality locksmithing work. Take advantage of this fantastic deal to get your property secured by a team of reliable professionals this festive season.

Security inspections

 burglaryWe find that many customers do not know just how vulnerable their properties are. Every day you may go out to work leaving your property at risk of break-in from shoddy or loose locks, rattling window panes and thin panels. Why not arrange a security inspection of your property today by a professional Birmingham locksmith? Whilst the results may surprise you, you can start designing a program to get all points of entry to your home or business secured. For long-term security protection we can provide steel doors and shutters and a whole host of top-quality locking equipment. We can secure your property to insurance company standards. This means durable locks with smooth operation, keys that won’t twist or break, and the strongest of security measures for UPVC and wooden doors. Locking bars and garage locks can be fitted to outbuildings, locking away tools and ladders.

The many years of experience we have in working with residential, commercial and industrial means that we can advise you on the equipment to best suit your needs. A security inspection can help you in a multitude of ways. A security inspection will take around an hour for the average house and can be arranged whenever fits your schedule, including in the evenings and at weekends. We employ qualified, professional and friendly experts, security-vetted and ready to help you. Check that your locks are up to scratch and won’t break at the most inconvenient of times. For a reliable local professional at fantastic prices, contact us today to talk through your requirements with a member of our expert team. We will provide a full and detailed quotation to help you in deciding the next steps you wish to take.

 break inIf you are unfortunate to be the victim of a burglary, we provide an emergency board-up and securing service. Our service guarantees to be with you within an hour of your call and won’t leave until your premises are safe and sound. We will repair the damage – be that to locks, door frames or door panels – and ensure the security of your property. We keep our prices highly competitive, so don’t take any chances. Every penny spent on top security measures is money well spent, so get in touch now.

If the world of locks feels confusing and you feel you need to have a look at the items in person. Speak to us about where you can visit our or any other locksmithing store, as and when it suits you.

Emergency recent work

Our team has been keeping busy recently with its emergency service. The team is proud to report that all urgent calls in the last three weeks have been responded to within 45 minutes, falling well within our guaranteed time of one hour. We have been out at all times of the day and night, and in all weathers, getting customers quickly and safely back into their premises. As for the emergency auto car service, our vans have been travelling all over the city to get customers back on the road, all a part of our work is a car locksmith Birmingham. We have extracted keys and gained entry to several vehicles in record time, ensuring customers get to all manner of important events, such as recent a wedding and a flight! Our team has received excellent feedback from emergency customers for the speed and professionalism of our work. We always work using non-damaging methods of entry wherever possible, and newly-acquired tools makes this approach possible in almost all cases.

Any replacement of locks needed after entry has been carried out swiftly by the team. We have discussed with customers their security needs and in many cases have upgraded the security of their premises at the same time as carrying out entry repair works. Several recent customers have been so impressed with the quality and reliability of our work that they have engaged the team to do a security inspection of their premises. As a result, we have secured sheds, garages and other outbuildings, as well as numerous security shutters, doors, and windows. Locks, bolts and padlocks have been replaced with more robust equipment and we have installed alarm systems for several commercial properties of late. We are proud to say that we are securing premises for people in and around the city. If you need an emergency locksmithing service, ours is the business to call!