Our perfect key philosophy

Perfect keys for perfect key turns, every time – our philosophy A small motion such as turning your key every night when you come home from a long day of work is a cue for your mind and body to relax. A symbol of the safety and security, warmth and comfort, and many other things […]

What hi-tech security can I get?

Hi-tech security provision from your expert local service Security for both commercial and domestic properties has moved far beyond simple lock and key systems. While this traditional method is still very effective at security properties, some properties need something more than a lock: they need an effective deterrent. This is especially important for properties that […]

Simple high security suggestions

Simple high security suggestions A things which to the service directed guys here is both frustrating and infuriating is the over complication which occurs often in situations where a private person or a business owner is looking for ways to improve on security. This is not to say that the technology behind many of the […]

Home safe installations

Home safe installations There are a few items which are of special worth to us, some due to being difficult and costly to replace, such as our passports, spare car keys and other documentation, and some due to their originality, things like heirlooms and jewellery. These are things which we appreciate the value of, which […]

Sensor activated security features

Sensor activated security features with our experts With the technology we have available to us today there is no wonder that sensor activation has become a large thing. In the area of security it’s used in a long row and a large variety of different ways. What we would like to focus on today is […]

How to care for your locks

How to care for your locks with an expert One of the most common causes for lockout scenarios which caused by a faulty lock, is simply that the lock has seized up, they key can be inserted but it doesn’t turn. At times when faced with such a situation in a hurry there is also […]

How often do you test your products?

Expert product testing from our professionals When it comes to security for your home or business premises, increased competition between companies operating within the market has led to a higher range of products available. These days our trusted locksmith service can assist you not only in traditional lock-and-key solutions such as installing mortise or euro-cylinder […]

Tips to Keep out the Burglar

Tips to Keep out the Burglar Security is something on every home owners mind when away from their home for extended periods of time. To ease reoccurring worries of your home security, here are some tips on keeping your property safe. One of the most common ways in which burglars get into a home is […]

How can a home security inspection help me?

How can a home security inspection help me? As a recommendation or other you might have heard of a security inspection or a security survey. This can be done for your home or for your business and organisations. It’s a check of your locks and your current security features. To ensure that there the risks […]

What high security door material should I pick for my front door?

What high security door material should I pick for my front door? The need to change and upgrade your locks for the front door is not something that happens often. It’s highly important to make sure that you pick a door that keeps you safe and secure in every situation. And that you get the […]