How often do you test your products?

Expert product testing from our professionals

product testingWhen it comes to security for your home or business premises, increased competition between companies operating within the market has led to a higher range of products available. These days our trusted locksmith service can assist you not only in traditional lock-and-key solutions such as installing mortise or euro-cylinder locks, but also install high-tech security systems such as alarms and CCTV. However, the presence of more options also means that the likelihood of consumer confusion is even higher – most people don’t even know where to start! Of course, the saturation of the market is also beneficial as it has resulted in increased competition between household brands such as ABS, Chubb and Yale. This has led to increased innovation with competitive prices for products being passed on to the consumer. Yet this does not mean much if people don’t even know where to start.

This is the reason our 24/7 locksmith service exists. Unlike other businesses operating in the local area, all our highly-trained professionals regularly test all new products that enter the marketplace – including those only known by industry professionals. Furthermore, with years of experience working in city central and the surrounding neighbourhoods, our team of professionals understand all the common and complex problems that affect properties in the locality. For example, our experts operating in neighbourhoods with higher crime rates always ensure to carry higher security products as well as temporary security solutions which may be needed in the event of a break-in. By streamlining our responses we can provide an efficient service with the cost benefits passed on to our customers.

Whenever a new product enters the marketplace, our team members have two questions on his or her mind. The first is whether the product represents an improvement on products we already keep in stock. The second is whether it is more cost-effective. However, these questions are not dependent on one another. While we don’t believe that anyone should be priced out of effective security for either their home or business premises, we also understand that some customers will want the very highest level of security available. That’s why we ensure we have a regular supply of products stocked to cater for all our customers. Only with us can you be sure to have a lock professional that cares for all.

Great lock solutions for all situation from our experts

 help you will all your door locksThe first and most important line of defence in a security way of thinking is the locks on your doors. Making sure they are of the right standard and of high quality is of utmost importance when it comes to protection. Your experienced, highly trained and informed experts can help you get the security you need in place for your workplace or your residence. With great attention to detail and with perfection your security features will be put in place, features which are entirely your choice. Advice and guidance is of course offered by the wonderful workers, but ultimately all decisions are in your hands. And with clear competitive prices you are also sure to get a great deal on your choice.

Call now to speak with an advisor about your security now, the telephone lines are open at all times, meaning that you can call and book in for the work you need when it suits you, and you can call at any time should you be in a difficult lockout scenario. No matter what you need us stands ready to assist, all you need to do is call and let the trusted service know what it is you need help with. Equipped both with the tools, knowledge and the stock to handle both home and business security situations, you will have everything you need from an excellent provider. Long customer relationships based on trust and merit is taken as given for us, and we welcome your call at any time.

Nothing but the greatest of cuts for you from our master key cutters

great key cutsFor us, keys come with a specific significance. They are for many of us, with us the majority of our time. It’s safe to say, at least for many that we spend more time with our keys than we do, say our lover, or our children.

This not to say that we love them more, they are just an incredibly useful and practical item. But it does bring into thought the significance of a key, and the importance for having the perfect one for your home, work or other place where you might reside. Call today if you would like to know more about key cutting, or if you are simply in need of the quick duplication service we have. The standard key types are always in stock, and with speciality keys there may be a need to order the materials in.

But rest assured that your keys will be cut to the greatest precision by this diligent pro who will to the greatest detail and the greatest perfection perform a great job on this most symbolic item of your need.

Not everyone share our passion for keys, but the function of what they do, the spaces they grant us access to, are part of what makes our lives and us, so for us, your keys is a nothing less than a perfect symbol of your life and you. Key cutting is a speciality skill and we have the tools needed for the job, so get in touch if there is anything you require from this caring service now.


Ready when you need us!

A lovely local hero always readyPart of our outstanding customer dedication lies within the readiness we make sure we always keep. Being alert, with tools and vehicles in top condition for your emergency is a natural part of our practice, as we know that a great service is only great as long as it can be given when needed. We are therefore always working hard to be ready, both in terms of carrying spare parts for the most common lock types to be able to handle emergency scenarios and quick lock change needs, as well as fuelling our cars and maintaining our tools. By calling the number for the attentive helpers when you are in an emergency situation, you will ensure the best possible resolution to your issue.

With high quality and high security we bring you a great solution, and fast. Urgency we understands well as we’ve met with a countless number of people in strenuous situations where time was of the essence, and to help you relieve stress and anxiety caused by a turn of bad luck is something we do gladly.

Assisting people in difficult lockout situation has been part of services for many years, and today there are virtually no lockout situations we cannot resolve in a swift and professional manner. Call now if you are in such an emergency, or save our number so you have someone to call should the situation ever arise. If you have questions, or need any one of our other services please don’t hesitate to get in touch as well.