How can a home security inspection help me?

How can a home security inspection help me? As a recommendation or other you might have heard of a security inspection or a security survey. This can be done for your home or for your business and organisations. It’s a check of your locks and your current security features. To ensure that there the risks […]

What is lockpicking?

What is lockpicking? Lockpicking is the art of being able to open a lock using other tools than the key. Without damaging the lock. We find that people are generally curious to how lock picking works. Perhaps you’ve given it a go yourself. You might have also been successful with your suitcase lock or your […]

Is there a locksmith store I can visit?

Is there a locksmith store I can visit? If you are searching for a retailer who sells lock products. Or if you are after a chance to look deeper into different models of locks and security systems. You wonder. Is there a locksmith store I can visit somewhere. Truth to be told. There are many […]

Locksmith Solihull

Locksmiths Solihull Looking for a reliable and fast Locksmiths Solihull. We can provide the fastest service with the highest levels of Locksmiths Solihill expertise. Cheapest quotes and the fastest response: Local Locksmiths Solihull Fastest Arrival times Cheapest Quotes Guaranteed Work Fully insured Best Customer care You probably want a reliable and trusted Solihull Locksmith who […]

Locksmiths Smethwick

Locksmiths Birmingham are now expanding their excellent services to Locksmiths Smethwick. Our energetic, professional service provides efficient and skilled services all across Birmingham and Smethwick. We can provide all locksmithing services, including security services, at short notice with our call-out hotline. Our professional teams are mobile and accessible 24 hours a day; so that in […]

10% discount

Locksmiths Selly Oak is pleased to announce a discounted rate on all services carried out in the month of December. With the festive season now upon us, our 10% discount will be certain to save you a bit of Christmas spending money. This no strings attached offer is a time-limited one, so get in contact […]

Security inspections

At Locksmiths Birmingham we find that many customers do not know just how vulnerable their properties are. Every day you may go out to work leaving your property at risk of break-in from shoddy or loose locks, rattling window panes and thin panels. Why not arrange a security inspection of your property today? Whilst the […]

3am Saturday

Went to the centre of the city to a night call. The lady had locked herself out of the house and didn’t have anywhere to go. Within 20 minutes of receiving the call I arrived at the property and had regained access within less than 15 minutes of arriving. Luckily I had a bit of […]