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fit anti snap locksFor detailed advice on your home security situation, get in touch Locksmith Birmingham Services as featured on BBC West Midlands. If you give us a call we can book you in to ensure you have the safest door locks available. We can fit anti-snap locks same day today and carry a range of standard and diamond rated anti-snap locks.

Today we would like to let you know about a home security tip which escapes the minds of many in our day to day busy lives. There is indeed an increased risk for home intrusion, however there is no need to think that that type of threat can’t be properly defended against. Of course one needs to have the right type of protection in place at home, and our workers of locksmith Birmingham services can help make sure that you do. But there are also that, at times overlooked thing of common sense.

In stating habits such as always locking the door behind you, never leaving windows open, not leaving valuables in plain sight from the outside etc. All these little things that we know, but sometimes don’t do.

Locksmith BirminghamFirst class locksmith work to homes and businesses. A fair price is what you need when you’re locked out. Go direct with a local locksmith Birmingham for that personal customer care and service. Choose a locksmith who can access quickly with no damage at the best price. Any lock, any door, UPVC and more! Non-destructive entry and all lock out services provided.


Is it worth paying locksmith Birmingham professionals extra for anti pick and bump lock installations?

If you are having your door security updated. If your lock is getting changed. You may as well go with a high security variety that is likely to last you much longer. And at the same time keep you better protected against the threats of today. The burglars we are up against in current times are crafty, and have plenty of tools at their disposal. They are smart, and fast. That’s why a locksmith Birmingham security installer must be one step ahead at all times.

By calling us now, you can keep that lead with a skilled engineer who can both install and supply you with the anti pick and anti bump locks you need. As well as help you find the additional security features you wish to have installed for your door. Such as mortise locks, peepholes, security chains and more. A skilled locksmith Birmingham helper and professional in your area will always recommend that you get all your security installations done by a professional with the right tools and parts.

Extra long screws, strike resistant additions to the frame, and additional securing of the door frame may be needed to bring your security up to date in the field of locksmith Birmingham security. You’ll feel and be safer with a skilled locksmith Birmingham engineer at your side, and you’ll be surprised at the competitive prices you will find with us if ours is the number you dial for the professional help you require.

Get skilled locksmith Birmingham engineers out for your lock installation, your latches, your high security letterbox installations and more. Of course alarms, keys and other security features such as window locks and patio door locks are things we can help with at any time. And around your schedule.

Locksmith Birmingham Services and The Local Community.

Locksmith Birmingham Services pride themselves in working in Birmingham and the surrounding areas so they can provide a high quality Security evaluations to make sure that your home is as secure as possible, to prevent break ins. They can also make sure that your home is up to all of your home insurers standards. Locksmith Birmingham service crews do this by making sure that all possible access points to your home are made secure either by installing a lock or bolt to make sure that no one can gain access without a key.

Be aware large house parties can be the perfect environment for a potential burglar to steal your keys to come back at a later learn that your home has been burgled with no signs of a break in so not covered by the insurance company. Locksmith Birmingham security experts have pride in themselves in working alongside their local community to make sure that people feel safer in their own homes and business properties. They are a group of locksmiths who love supporting local businesses within their community.

Make sure that your home is made more secure by only letting trusted friends and family members to have a spare set of keys, allowing your neighbours a set is not always wise. People often label keys that are not there is which means that it could be an easy way for burglars to gain access Locksmith Birmingham set of keysto your property and you would not be able to claim it back through most insurance.Locksmith Birmingham pros can assist alongside local police in order to prevent future break ins and help you feel more secure if this has unfortunately already happened to you. The police will always suggest that you have your locks changed if your home is broken into to make sure that security is up to scratch.

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Offering a value for money service which includes access solutions, emergency work and security systems. We understand that you want a Locksmith Birmingham who can be relied upon to complete a locksmith or security task quickly, efficiently and to the highest of standards.

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I know that when you’ve lost your keys or snapped the key in the barrel that you want, Locksmith Birmingham who will attend quickly at a fair price. That is what you should expect from a good Birmingham provider.

For these very reasons I offer clear pricing that is the most competitive in Birmingham and I make sure that I provide you with a true arrival time so know exactly how long I will take. For doors, windows, safes, unlocking, picking and more!

Eversafe Fast Locksmith Birmingham

I can attend most properties in around 30 minutes and I keep you updated in case of delay. I provide you with a price on the telephone so you know exactly what you’re going to pay. There are sometimes unforeseen eventualities but in most cases I can gain access without any damage in 9 out of 10 lock out situations. You can count on my years of service in the area and solid reputation as a trusted Locksmith Birmingham.
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How can a small business security locksmith Birmingham inspection help my business?

Security, insurance and the future are things that need to be on our minds now and again. Although we have to concentrate on the task before us, without though about future how are we to keep yourself, your loved ones and our businesses safe, both financially and physically.

Business security and specialist locksmith Birmingham security inspectionsIn the locksmith Birmingham area, it’s especially important to ensure that you get your security seen to. The nature of a city is such ŧhat additional security features may be needed. Not to worry though. With a skilled security engineer at your side. There is no locksmith Birmingham security crisis which you can’t fend off. By employing skilled and experienced workers. You will be of the right standards of security. Both to be and feel safe. In life, and on paper. That is to say that a skilled locksmith Birmingham specialist can help you validate your insurance policy.

By a security inspection and by going through the requirements stated in your policy with you. There are only great reasons to get a local locksmith Birmingham provider to assist you with your home or business’s security, key and lock needs. The locality means that there is something at stake. Any skilled, caring and local locksmith Birmingham provider will always treat your security and your safety as they would their own. And with us you are guaranteed low prices and great service on top of that.

From business installations such as safes, grills and gates, shutters and more. To home security and emergency lockout resolutions. A local locksmith Birmingham professional is always near if you have the number for us saved in your pocket. With a security specialist who cares in the locksmith Birmingham your business security is made solid though high standard security inspections. Call and book yours today.

Can a locksmith Birmingham professional perform my security door installation?

In locksmith Birmingham areas with high security door installationNot only can a skilled professional help you with the installation of your high security door, but it should be so. With us, you will also be able to find the advice, help and guidance you need in the selection process. Professionals with style in locksmith Birmingham areas are always ready to help point you in the right direction. We understand that there is a need to make your home to feel like a home and your business to look professional. The high security door that makes your customer feel like they are in prison. Or the multiple security bolts on your door, with the locking mechanisms visible can make you feel like the world is a dangerous place when at home. Make you reluctant to go out, or just be plain ugly.

This is why contacting a specialist at locksmith Birmingham centres is always the way forward. Not only with the installation which often requires specific tools and skill be made to perfection. But you will also have the accompanying guarantees and the reassurance of great aftercare should there be anything you are left pondering afterwards.

A skilled locksmith Birmingham professional will perform you security door installation both fast and clean. As in, there won’t be detritus and dirt left behind at the job. It is the belief that a place should be left as it was found or cleaner. And local locksmith Birmingham security door installers who care for you, will always respect your home or workplace. If you have questions about your door security, about locks or if you are simply in need of a 24 hour service to assist you with your emergency locksmith Birmingham lockout situation. Then our number is available above, and there for your use at any time and any hour.

Small security improvements make a big difference with a professional Birmingham locksmith

Birmingham’s crime rate unfortunately doesn’t seem to look like passing over anytime soon. As a result, customers should consider making small improvements to their home security which will add another layer of protection for next-to-nothing in price.

A cylinder left exposed is a whole house left exposed. This is why we always recommend installing an escutcheon plate on your front door, back door and any door which has an exposed cylinder. This acts as a protective plate for the cylinder and beds it into the door. This successfully prevents any potential criminals from being able to successfully remove the cylinder from the door itself. Additionally, you should always check the health of the strike plate of your door. You’ll notice this as the metallic plate on the inside of your door frame which covers the holes where your locking mechanism secures into. The protection garnered from these should not be underestimated and they should always be checked – assuming your door frames have them – to ensure they haven’t worn away over the years. If they need replacing, your reliable locksmith Birmingham always carries spares for a variety of door frames.

One of our least favourite phone calls is from owners of homes with sliding patio doors reporting a break-in. This is usually where an unwelcome guest has managed to enter the property by simply lifting the door out of the sliding rails. However, this can be easily prevented by installing an anti-lift patio door lock. This is a keyless locking system which prevents the patio door from being lifted out of the rails and pulled out of the door frame. Not only this, but the more upward outside pressure that is exerted on the lock, the tighter it gets and the more it secures the door in the frame.

Everyone deserves access to simple home security improvements no matter the type of doors or locking systems they have. A professional Birmingham locksmith is available all year round and happy to give free advice on any potential improvements you may be considering.

Can a locksmith Birmingham specialist help with my custom made security installation?

From daily and regular needs and quotations, all guaranteed work and performed in good time. To custom installation, with fast delivery and high quality high security products that are suited to your individual home or business. You can rely on a specialists in locksmith Birmingham regions to supply and install what you need.

If there are already plans in place for your security, if you already know what you need and what you want to have installed. Feel free to contact skilled locksmith Birmingham specialist to ensure that you are not missing anything vital before work on installations begin. Of course you can contact a locksmith Birmingham specialist with regards to help with your custom security installation.

Custom locks for every situation with locksmith Birmingham professionalsWith us, high security is guaranteed. Just as the best locks, the strongest keys. High tech and high security alarms and more is part of what we deliver and put in place. All accompanied by guarantees that will keep your mind at ease. Keep safe and secure with custom home security installers who are experts. With locksmith Birmingham specialists you can always find the help you need with custom and high security installation. In convenient and price competitive form.

Speak to us now, ask your questions and get yourself booked in for security checks. Or custom security installations as soon as now. For us, every corner is checked and no risks are left without the proper attention and the reinforcement it needs.

Locks, keys and alarms, custom or standard, are the speciality topics of our skilled locksmith Birmingham engineers. Get in touch now with your personal assistant to get a feeling for the wonderful and affordable range of services we provide.

What type of burglar alarms are there?

Hand print type burglar alarmWith the explosion of security alarm manufacturers over the last decade there are now a wide range of systems to choose from. This is also the reason why many feel confused when first investigating what type of burglar alarms there are out there. Should you be new to the topic we provide you with what we hope is relevant information and valuable insight to the question.

In our experience the most common burglar alarm is the ‘bells only’ type. However with new technology other types such as auto-dialling and a range of different wired or wireless types. You also have the option to choose a dummy alarm. However with the affordable ranges of great active home or business security alarms. The option of a dummy alarm is becoming un-required.

A hard wired alarm is as it sounds weird, and you may need a professional service to get it installed correctly. Our service technicians are available to assist at times of your choosing. You can get in touch at any time to book in or ask your related questions. A wired alarm is more solid and stable than a wireless one. However as wireless alarm technology advances, these are also becoming more secure and reliable.

The last common type of burglar alarms that is available to you is a monitored one. CCTV and direct streaming and recording is integrated in many of the monitored alarm systems and is both practical. As it can be integrated with your smart home and easy to use remotely. Find out more about smart home security systems here.

If you are on the market for a new security system, we recommend to speak to an expert. Our trained helpers are here to assist at any hour. Have a discussion about your security today.

How can I best ensure my security is in line with my insurance policy?

A common issue which arises during insurance claims, both in home and business environments, is the proof that the right security was fitted at the time of the incident. This often comes from the technical specifications given and the lack of expertise to decipher what is needed. There is a limit to how much researching on the internet can help you. The best way to ensure that your security is in line with your insurance policy is to get in touch with a local and trained professional.

When assisting homes and businesses with lining up the actual security with the requirements of the policy we often meet with the requirement of a rack bolt. Similar or the same as a mortise bolt. If this is something that you are required to have, it means that a lock which is is installed inside of the door is needed which bolts the door and provides, together with a strong door and frame, a secure door.

A point worth noting, is that if you have a rack bolt installed already and you are experience resistance when opening it. Have it checked straight away. This type of lock is breakable with wear and tear that happens over many years, and if you have difficulty opening the lock at present. Chances are it will only get worse.

If you’ve taken out an insurance policy it’s natural to want to ensure your security is in line with it. If there is any terms or required features which you don’t understand, our advisers are available all hours to assist. Of course any work that is performed is guaranteed. Don’t wait to get up to date with the security, for your insurance and for your safety. Feel free to ring us at any time.

Combat crime with a quick, effective home security installation from your local locksmith Birmingham

Like other areas around the UK, Birmingham has unfortunately been subject to ever increasing crime rates. It’s not quite clear what factors have contributed towards this but everyone is aware of the danger it brings to properties around the city. Unsurprisingly this has resulted in more calls to your local Birmingham locksmith enquiring about what steps concerned customers can take in the ongoing battle of securing one’s home. As an understanding and caring locksmith team we decided it would be most appropriate to outline a few measures you can take in further securing your property. Security doesn’t have to be expensive and our focus is always on providing cost-effective methods of protecting your property.

A very simple way of protecting your property can be by installing a door chain. Many people think this is only useful in determining who the person at your front door is before letting them in your property, but in fact it can be the difference between protecting your property and letting criminals run amok in your property. If a criminal manages to get through your locking mechanism, the presence of a door chain will usually mean they have to barge the door down to get through if installed correctly. The time and effort it takes to do this coupled with the noise it makes alerting either yourself or a neighbour, should help protect your property and ensure the authorities are alerted quickly.

Sometimes wooden doors only come with a Yale lock. Of course, this is convenient for many as it allows for a door to be shut without having to physically lock it with a key. However, this convenience could leave your property vulnerable. Only by installing a mortise lock to your front door can you add a layer of security that truly protects your home from unwanted visitors.

For all this and more, make sure you call your local locksmith Birmingham for free advice and a free quote for any works requested.

How a quick locksmith Birmingham assistant provides you with quick emergency access at all times

Lost keys and lost access is one of the most common calls that we get. The distress a customer faces in a situation like this is often very tangible. There are many pressures on the individual, the parent, the business man or woman, student or other today. And additional stress from a difficult locksmith Birmingham lockout situation is the last thing needed. A fast and professional specialist will bring you quick relief from that stress if you ensure you save the number above.

How a quick locksmith Birmingham assistant puts priority on your needsA skilled locksmith Birmingham assistant will always be ready, and the readiness is what provides the quick response. Being ready means being prepared, vehicle packed, training done and of course tools loaded together with the spare parts. To be able to deal with any situation a locksmith Birmingham situation can bring up. Fast and easy stress relief in the most pressured lockout situations you can imagine.

Prepare yourself and secure yourself from a difficult evening, morning, night or day with a trusted and respected locksmith Birmingham number in your pocket. It only takes a few seconds to save us as a contact. And that miniscule investment may save your mind and body a whole world of stress when that cruel lockout situation occurs.

To have any other security situation or question addressed. Speak to a locksmith Birmingham professional by phoning us now. Quick quotes, clear as a shallow highlands river on a sunny day. The happy helpers here are glad to hear from you any time.

Are additional home security features something that locksmith Birmingham pros’ can help me with?

To add more features to your security all that is required of you is to get in touch with someone who is trained with installation. Home or business security features should never be installed by yourself as it can compromise the security of the product. With the cheap and affordable solutions available with locksmith Birmingham, there is no need either way.

Alignment, programming, wiring and more will be done to perfection and the accompanying guarantees will always be there. Our work is performed fast, and with the greatest of care to detail to ensure your safety and security. We know that there is more at stake than simply protecting your valuables. And are well aware that the security features locksmith Birmingham technicians install are there to protect the priceless. The safety of those you love is far more important than any other ordeal. And the protection of your long hours and energy invested in homes and businesses makes our team work with diligence and care at all times.

Additional home security with locksmith BirminghamFor your home or business security feature installation. Contact the professional and highly trained locksmith Birmingham technicians today. We are always happy to have a conversation with you on the topic of additional security. We can assist with anything from your daily repair and replacement needs to your new installations and upgrades. Stay secure and up to date with the local, friendly and professional locksmith Birmingham by calling the number above when you find a spare moment. Flexibility, customer care and competitive prices are a given. Find out for yourself though getting your competitive quote fast and easy over the phone now.

Don’t leave your security and safety without the guaranteed perfect installation required. Speak to locksmith Birmingham now.

What’s involved in getting a home safe installed?

If you’re new to the world of safes and keeping your most valuable goods in the most secure way possible at home. Here’s some information for you. A safe for your home or your business is something that our specialists can assist you with at any time. Professional installation is always recommended.

The type of safe and its size is entirely up to you. The most common types provides protection against fire as well as theft. Fixed to the wall or the floor using a specialist tool as so to stop burglars from easily dismounting it.

Why you should have a home safe installedWhat’s involved in getting a home safe installed depends on the type of safe you choose. If you ring our professional installers it’s as simple as deciding what to get and setting a time for installation.

Should you be interested performing your own installation. Be aware of the potential of having to buy specialist tools to have it mounted.

When picking a safe make sure that you pick one that is suiting to your situation and your needs. If your risk of fire is small but theft high the priority should be on a burglar secure safe. Perhaps with additional strength in the opening mechanism. Rather than also opting for protection against fire.

Think about what you want to store in the safe before making any decisions as well. Depending on what the main objects will be and make your choice accordingly.

Contact us for help with determining what safe is suitable for you. And to have installation, fast and simple from our experienced safe installers. You can ring at any time with your questions or quotation needs.

What’s involved when coming to us for your safe installation is a thorough discussion about your needs. A presentation of the options and our recommendations for the situation. And of course the final part which is installation. It’s simple and easy to have your safe installed with us on your side. Always competitive in price, and always looking out for what is best for your security.

A close look at your private security with your skillful locksmith Birmingham

Locksmith Birmingham security checks availableThere are plenty of reasons to have a deep and attentive look at your security situation, as with anything, if you look long enough you will soon find that it teaches you something. The locksmith Birmingham workers have spent extended hours looking at security issues, solutions, products, technology as well as looking with extra vigour at the situations of our customers.

Here our work is the most important, here the years of experience and training we’ve gone through pays off, here we get to assist you with your security situation and make your life that little bit better. If you get in touch now, you’ll be able pick a time to do this, it doesn’t take long and your locksmith Birmingham are happy to fit around your schedule.

By having a survey and investigation in the name of security at your home will not only assist in bringing the security products and physical protection you need in place, but will teach you how to look at your own security with a set of new eyes. This is especially true if you are unfamiliar with the world of home security. Locksmith Birmingham are available all day and all night and the number above is there for your use during any hour. There are no reasons for hesitation should you have questions and you can count on the prices being competitive and the staff to be friendly and helpful.

A survey of security takes no more than half an hour for a regular sized home and after such a check you’ll hopefully feel a little enlightened by the experience and hopefully you will also feel safer due to the knowledge about your own security that you will hold.

Locksmith Birmingham thinks outdoor, garden and garage security

Keep the outdoor and garden secure and call locksmith BirminghamTwo points often overlooked in the first wave of thinking about security where you live. Although you may spend the majority of your home life inside of the home, seeing the walls from the comfort of the indoors. There are many parts which are vital to your premises seen as a whole. In contacting locksmith Birmingham now, a window of upgrade and installation opportunities will present themselves, the nature of many which may come as a surprise to you.

Many years has passed since the locksmith Birmingham first set out on their mission to help homes and businesses become more secure places to be at. Time has also shown to us, as a dynamic and developing dedicated group of workers, that some of the best means to building nothing less than a dense security situation. Comes not from the an obsessive close look at the indoor areas, but as a large encompassing security overview, one which include not only the area of the property, but one which extends to the whole neighbourhood as it expands to include direction and probability of risk.

It is not the aim of locksmith Birmingham to confuse, although we are passionate about our jobs and about providing you with the best security you can have for the money you wish to spend, we understand very well that often security is not an interest to the customer, they just want something that is quick, easy and which shows them what it is to have a more secure life. This is exactly what the locksmith Birmingham gladly provides, that not saying that we will not happily inform, educate and teach you more about your situation and what you can do to improve it.

What does a Security Survey from a Locksmith Birmingham professional involve?

One of the services that Locksmith Birmingham Services offer, which is often overlooked but incredibly useful, is a full Home or Business Security Survey. These involve a comprehensive security walk-through of your property with a trained professional who has a skilled eye for safety and can spot anywhere where your security might be lacking. If we are able to spot a problem, then it is likely that a potential thief could also spot the weakness and enter your property without your permission, and so s security survey is useful to give you great peace of mind that your property is secure.

home security survey locksmith birminghamOur Locksmith Birmingham experts will start with you outside the property and walk around the outside, looking for easy access points such as open windows, unlocked doors and the like. We will then come inside with you and walk through the whole place, giving you great advice as we go. Our valued customers have often found that there are security concerns that they have simply overlooked, and feel much better once we point out any small or large changes which can be made.

Our advice will cover a wide range of options. We may recommend higher quality or different styles of locks for your doors and windows, or give tips on defensive gardening (such as rose bushes). We can advise you on the best alarm systems, CCTV systems for internal and external use, and whether you need high-tech digital security or can do without it. Locksmith Birmingham can install a new safe for your most prized possessions, or security grilles for your glass storefront – the possibilities are endless! And we’ll always suggest solutions within your price range, and never push a sale that you don’t want. So for a professional, valuable Security Survey, get in touch with the team today.